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Audit Services

audit services

In achieving the objectives of Co-operative Societies which have been registered under the Co-operative Ordinance of the Central Province their limited resources such as;

  • Cash
  • Labor (Human Resource)
  • Machinery
  • Materials
  • Methodology

When the above limited resources are geared to achieve the desired objectives;

  • Collection of data
  • Classification of information
  • Entering the information
  • Summarizing the information
  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Defining information and
  • Communication of information

When the above accounting activities are performed and in order to achieve the objectives of societies, the Department has to see whether the activities performed by the societies conform to the auditing principles and in this regard it is the duty of the Department to get them audited by a Co-operative Development Officer as it is a legal requirement.

  • How does the process of auditing takes place.
  • Statutory Auditing.




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training centre Call for the reservations of Training Center for the educational training programs and other special occasions of your organization. Mr.Mohan +94 718 222881

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school development program Call Mr.Mohan +94 718 222881 for the training opportunities on the development of school Co-operatives under the "School Cooperative Society Prabodhani" program

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training programs Certificate Course in Co-operative Rural Bank Mgt. conducted by the Department of Co-operative Dev. & IBSL has commenced . Please call Mr.Sarath on +94 713 259 598 to apply

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