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Our Responsibilities

our responsibility


  • Cooperative concept should be socialized according to the market economy and Cooperative system should be promoted.
  • Institutional facilities which are helpful to act according to Cooperative concept should be used to prepare the regulation according to code of rules and provide guidance to prepare regulations.
  • Preparation of information system required to strengthen the cooperative concept and maintain and update it.
  • Organization and registration of cooperative societies.
  • Providing legal guidance to Co-operative societies whenever necessary.
  • Management and development of Co-operative societies.
  • Conducting annual auditing in registered Co-operative societies.
  • Conducting inspections and investigations in Co-operative societies.
  • Conducting arbitration work to solve disputes among the relevant parties of Co-operatives.
  • Supervision of lapsed loans including various shortages Co-operative societies and recover them and giving to relevant societies.
  • Contributing to the national development.

Training Center

training centre Call for the reservations of Training Center for the educational training programs and other special occasions of your organization. Mr.Mohan +94 718 222881

School Development Programs

school development program Call Mr.Mohan +94 718 222881 for the training opportunities on the development of school Co-operatives under the "School Cooperative Society Prabodhani" program

Training Programs

training programs Certificate Course in Co-operative Rural Bank Mgt. conducted by the Department of Co-operative Dev. & IBSL has commenced . Please call Mr.Sarath on +94 713 259 598 to apply

Reach Us

Reach us P.O Box 02
Ahalepola Kumarihami Mawatha
Kandy, 20000
Sri Lanka

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